Helena, 23.
Loves dyed hair, MCR, cats, London, Doctor Who, Coke, female badassery, Sherlock, Converse, stories, rock concerts, Cabin pressure, grunge-y and goth-y fashion, Terry Pratchett, chocolate, Henry Cavill, Rise Against, Oscar Wilde, flower crowns, Community, period films, Sailor Moon, tea, Game of Thonres, steampunk, The Gaslight Anthem, cultural studies, Kuroshitsuji, tattoos, Hannibal, etc. etc.
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the light before we land by sandara
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I love how Dublin is an old yet young city.
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Tom Hiddleston photomanipulation over George Dawe’s Portrait of Pyotr F. Zheltukhin
Inspired by replaceface. I didn’t find Hiddleston there, so I made it myself. I really hope you like it ^^
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